Ægyptisk ‘racisme’ mod kristne

There was uncertainty Wednesday, September 5, about the plight of Christian teenage twins in Egypt, after a court postponed a ruling on whether they can remain in their Christian mother’s custody or move in with their estranged Muslim father, who wants to change their religion

The school initially refused to promote the boys to the next class, after they handed in answer sheets which included only the sentence “I am Christian.”

Amid international and domestic pressure however Egypt’s Education Minister Yusri al-Gamal intervened on August 25, saying the two boys would be able to move to the next grade.

However Lutfi said she is still concerned her children will be forced to become Muslims and be moved to their father.

“Andrew’s and Mario’s predicament does not merely concern their exams. Rather, it concerns the Court’s ruling that they must live with their father and his wife who both follow a different religion,” she said remarks published by Watani, a weekly linked to Coptic Christians. 

“I was made to understand that Egyptian law grants a mother custody of her children until they are 15, but I lately discovered that this applies only to Muslim mothers,” Lutfi added. She said she hoped “the court would take into consideration all the international human rights treaties to which Egypt is signatory.” 

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