99,5% af Canadas løgnejournalister tager imod hemmelig bestikkelse fra Trudeau før canadisk valg

Just before the election, Justin Trudeau made secret payments to selected news media.

$61 million worth.

But he kept the names of the reporters he was bribing a secret — that information would only come out after the election.

And of course, those reporters themselves wouldn’t say. (How unethical — what other secret payments are they hiding?)

Well, we filed an access to information request, and to our surprise, we just received the full list.

And it’s shocking. Here, take a look:

I really had no idea there were so many news organizations in Canada. Twenty-nine pages, with nearly 50 names on each page.

Nearly 1,500 newspapers, magazines and other reporters took Trudeau’s cash.

And every single one of them kept Trudeau’s secret.

What does that tell you?

It tells you that they’re ashamed of themselves.

If they thought there was nothing unethical about taking a huge bribe from a politician right before an election, they’d write about it. They’d disclose it. But of course, they know that violates every concept of journalistic independence.

So gross.

Click here to see the list for yourself. It’s huge — so feel free to search the document for your local newspaper. I’m pretty certain it’s on there — 99.5% of Canadian reporters have taken Trudeau’s cash.

We haven’t.

Which is probably the reason you’re reading this news from us — and not from the 1,500 other media companies.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. We have a full-time researcher who files access to information requests every day. If you want to support this fact-based journalism, please click here to help chip in — thanks!

P.P.S. We all know that you can’t trust Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster. But how about Maclean’s — that just took $313,000 in a single secret payment? Or how about the largest publisher of Canadian daily newspapers, Postmedia — that literally took 48 payments?

You just can’t trust them.

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  1. Danske mainstream “journalister” er ligeså pilrådne. Alle sælger sin bedstemor for at beholde deres “stilling”. Skal der skrives en landsundergravende artikel og de gerne vil holde deres ryg fri, så får man praktikanter til at skrive artiklerne.

    Det er praktikanternes indvielse i mediernes verden som kræver føjelighed, konformitet og lydighed.

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