Britain First rapporterer fra aktionen i London i går

Britain First

Today, thousands of patriots, veterans and football firms united to protect memorials in London. 

Britain First and Paul Golding have featured in dozens of media reports, lots of which are full of blatant lies

Paul and several other BFD officers bowed at the Cenotaph to pay their respects, photos of which have been used in most of the media reports:

Many of the patriots who descended on London today were black, and some of these gave brilliant interviews to the press jackals:

However, the media are up to their usual tricks, telling lies and turning the truth on its head!

Even though the small number of Antifa and BLM are responsible for the violence in Trafalgar Square and Waterloo station, the media is aiming all of their cannons on the ‘far right’.

The police, in full riot gear, tried to bully the patriots assembled in Parliament Square several times today, but when they did they received a hail of hostility and righteous aggression that put them firmly back in their box over and over again. 

It’s not a stretch to say that today, the patriots and veterans controlled Westminster, not the police. 

Today’s domination of Whitehall and Parliament Square by patriots and veterans will have sent a powerful message to the government, that any further weakness on their part in will result in determined action by the British people.

But what a contrast in police priorities that was on display today!

Last weekend the police were so weak they retreated up Whitehall like gormless cowards

This weekend, they had full riot equipment and took an aggressive stance from the outset. 

Party leader Paul Golding was hailed as a hero by thousands of the protesters today and stood for photos with untold numbers of patriots:

Shorty after the protest came to an end, ‘Paul Golding’ and ‘Britain First’ began to trend on Twitter:

A short interview that Paul gave in Parliament Square was uploaded to Twitter and has been seen over 750,000 times!

Today, despite the numerous confrontations with the police, we hit a turning point in the history of our movement.

For the first time ever, the police bullies and the government were made to look like weak fools by the combined power of patriots and veterans. 

This will be causing the Powers That Be a massive headache tonight in the corridors of Whitehall!

This is also the final chance you will get to get behind our Operation Blizzard campaign, which is going to launch this week with a flurry of activities nationwide!

There can be no doubt no, whatsoever, that our country desperately needs the Britain First movement during these dark times.

Britain First is the last hope for our nation – that is a fact. 

If Britain First was to be destroyed, all hope of saving our country will evaporate forever. 

This is why, you must get involved, somehow, someway. 

If you cannot get actively involved on the streets, please chip in today and equip our frontline activists with the tools they need to finish the job!

After you have taken this step, you will have made a mighty contribution to the survival of Britain. 

Your children will be one step closer to securing a future in their own land!

This is the state of play the present time:

Target: £8,000
Raised: £6,780
Shortfall: £1,220

Recommended: Chip in £10

We are only £1,220 short now, can you be the patriot that propels us over the finishing line?

Please chip in below, every penny counts.

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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