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  1. At han i den grad kunne spille omvendt på guitar, er vel ikke grund nok til at hylde en narkoman fra historiens værste kulturelle årti ?

    Fra Wikepedia:
    Drug use
    Hendrix is widely known for and associated with the use of hallucinogenic drugs, most notably LSD. A common opinion is that Jimi’s use of LSD was integral in unlocking his creative process. He had never taken hallucinogens until the night he met Linda Keith, but likely experimented with other drugs in years prior. Various forms of sleeping pills and speed fueled his “stop and go” lifestyle throughout his career, and pictures exist of Hendrix smoking marijuana.

    Jimi was also notorious among friends and bandmates for becoming angry and violent when he drank alcohol. Kathy Etchingham spoke of an incident that took place in a London pub in which an intoxicated Hendrix beat her with a public telephone handset because he thought she was calling another man on the payphone. Alcohol was also cited as the cause of Hendrix’s 1968 rampage that destroyed a Stockholm hotel room and led to his arrest. Musician Paul Caruso’s friendship with Hendrix ended in 1970 when Jimi punched him during an alcohol-fueled argument.

    The most controversial topic however, concerns his alleged use of heroin. The Hendrix family, along with a portion of his friends and biographers, emphatically maintains that Hendrix was never a heroin user, citing his irrational fear of needles. Known today as trypanophobia, this condition was never medically diagnosed in Hendrix. A toxicology report prepared shortly after his death found no heroin in his body, nor were there any marks from needles

  2. Narkoman var han jo ikke ifølge dit klip. Men det er da rigtigt at stort set alle ‘kunstnere’ bruger et eller andet. Men det fradømmer jo ikke musikken sin værdi.
    Jeg skal lige tilføje, at der jo er forskel på den medicinske definition på narkomani og den ‘folkelige’. Ifølge den medicinske vil man kalde ham ‘eufoman’. Men det er nok bare ordkløveri 🙂

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