Det er kun hvide (mænd) der kan være racister


Besides saying it loudly and proudly, Muslims who treasure their religious heritage can also show it, and they will soon be able to do so by buying and wearing products bearing the “Made by a Muslim” label. A group of Islamic businessmen meeting in Damascus, Syria have launched a initiative they say involves 7,500 companies around the world and which aims to encourage Muslims to boycott products made in countries hostile to Islam and to opt instead for those manufactured in Islamic nations.

“In light of the growing hostility faced by Islam and by Muslims in the Western world, after the events of September 11, a sentiment further amplified by the publication of offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed,” the businessmen said in a statement, they had decided to set up a computerised international database that contains guidelines for the production, distribution and sale of products “that can represent an alternative to products from the West”.

The strategy involves labelling products so that counsumers will be able to know where they originate from and that they have been made by Muslims. For example: Made in Syria and Made by a Muslim.

The businessmen who have launched the initiative say the hope the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the body that groups together most Muslim nations, will support it and that will press governments of member states to promote the Muslim-made products.

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  1. Fremragende idé med at mærke muslimske varer. Så kan vi alle undgå at købe dem – hvis ellers der var nogen… Desværre tror jeg efterspørgslen efter kamelgødning, afhuggede hoveder, hænder, fødder, fingre, forhuder, mødomme og andre legemsdele er begrænset.

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