Direktøren for Grundfos truer med at flytte til udlandet

Han kunne jo for eksempel flytte til Saudi Arabien hvor kongefamilien omtales sådan her:

Some are real businessmen in their own right. Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud owns lots of everything. However others operate, let us say, less mainstream businesses. When cops make a drugs arrest, they will never follow the chain upwards, knowing what they would find. Many are involved in the “beverage industry”. Others are Venture Capitalists. When they spot a growth business, for example mobile phone sales, they will approach the owner with a “buyout opportunity”. When the owner rejects the low price, he is reminded that he could easily become the guest of Prince Nayif’s penal correction system, no questions asked. So the bad news is that he has to sell. The good news is that he gets to stay on and manage his old business, on a lousy salary.

The Religious Policeman

Eller også kunne han meditere lidt over, hvorfor vi har et samfund og et erhvervsliv, som vi har??

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