En fransk TV-journalist om al-Durah affæren:

In an excellent fisking on his Augean Stables blog of a deeply flawed piece about the al Durah libel scandal, Richard Landes rightly fastens upon a remarkable throwaway comment by Clement Weill Raynal, a senior journalist with the France 3 channel (France 2 stands accused by media watchdog Philippe Karsenty and others of transmitting a false and theatrically staged account of the ‘killing’ of Mohammed al Durah).

“You know, I think this whole affair is dead in the water,” said a senior journalist at France 3 TV, Clement Weill Raynal, who is also a well-known contributor to Jewish media. “Karsenty is so shocked that fake images were used and edited in Gaza, but this happens all the time everywhere on television and no TV journalist in the field or a film editor would be shocked. This has become more about him than anything else.”

Læs det hele hos Melanie Phillips

“Det forekommer hele tiden på TV, og ingen TV-journalist eller filmredaktør vil chokeres.”

Den lader vi lige stå!

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