Fakta om Saudi Arabien: Et piskogram på 90 slag for at ansætte kvinder

It may Surprise you to know that we Saudis are actually better at this sort of thing. We love a real Surprise. Take the case of the "Ranoosh" restaurant owner Nabeel Al-Ramadan from Qatif on the east coast. He needed to hire staff to take telephone orders for takeaway meals. Being a public-spirited person, and being aware of the problem of female unemployment (95% plus) in Saudi Arabia, he decided to employ two young women. Of course, all the proprieties were observed….

“The girls were very respectable and worked while covering their faces. Nobody was violating any manners,” said Al-Ramadan.

No doubt customers got a bit of a Surprise when they rang up the restaurant, and found that their order for broiled chicken and rice was being taken by a young lady. But for most of us, that would be a pleasant Surprise.

And the local community, especially other restaurant owners, thought it was such an excellent Surprise, that they arrange for Nabeel to get a very special Surprise himself.

It started with a Surprise phone call….
Læs hele historien hos den religøse politimand

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