Finland tør ikke vise ‘De Forbandede Tegninger’

Danish film director Karsten Kjær has reacted with anger and astonishment at a decision by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) not to show his film Bloody Cartoons, which analyses the controversy surrounding the publication of caricatures depicting the prophet Muhammad by a Danish newspaper in early 2006.

The film is part of the world’s largest international documentary project called Why Democracy?
Kjær accuses Iikka Vehkalahti, producer of the YLE Documentary Project, of “personal censorship”, after hearing the justification put forward by Vehkalahti for the decision.
Vehkalahti had said that the documentary did not “reach the third dimension”.

“By that I mean that the film would have helped us understand that we know nothing about how sacred and untouchable religion can be for some”, Vehkalahti said in Tuesday’s Helsingin Sanomat.

Mere på Helsingin Sanomat via Bad News From Finland

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