Gør FN nogensinde det rigtige?

Tilsyneladende ikke!

United Nations forces moved into Kosovo in 1999 to “stop genocide.”

But, according to a blistering new report from the American Council for Kosovo, U.N. troops have aided and abetted the deliberate, systematic and nearly complete ethnic cleansing of the mostly Christian Serb population by mostly Muslim ethnic Albanians.

“Every facet of the way of life of the Serbs of Kosovo is threatened by the new reality established since June 1999 under KFOR (the NATO Kosovo Force) and the U.N. and therefore the very existence of the Serbs there is threatened,” says the report “Hiding Genocide in Kosovo.”

Mere på WorldNetDaily

Ser ud til at FN står for at oprette en muslimsk stat i Europa – oprettet på basis af etnisk udrensning. Hvis den bliver oprettet – hvor får den midler til sin eksistens fra? Saudi? Et springbræt for islamismen?


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