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Protestants and Secular Writers Wrote Our History Books!

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization  by Thomas E. Woods Jr

After reading Dr. Wood’s book I’ve realized just how much we’ve missed in our standard histories. To Protestant and Secular textbook writers it has unfortunately been important to write the Catholic Church out of history.

Dr. Woods shows, with excellent research and references from the times he is recounting, that the history of Western Civilization cannot be written without taking into account the force and the continuity of the Catholic Church in almost every aspect of life and culture. Medicine, Science, Law, Education, Charity and Morality in Western Civilization were shaped in the bosom of the Church. He doesn’t attempt to excuse or explain much of the human flaws we hear about so frequently in standard histories, but there is so much more that was going on in Western Culture.

See the real story of Galileo and don’t fall for the popular accounts of Church oppression again. See how the Reformation in England contributed to impoverishing the population when hospitals, schools, charities were confiscated with the monasteries un Henry VIII. You never hear these accounts in standard histories.

Dr. Woods shows how important it is to keep in mind who is writing the more commonly accepted history texts and to seek the truth in multiple sources.

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  1. Hmm. Hvad blev der af den med at den vestlige oplysningenstid og sekularisering dannede grundlaget for den den frie, demokratiske verden. Og at muslimernes store problem er at de ikke har gennemgået samme udvikling?

    Hvem er i øvrigt anmelderen?

  2. I found this book by accident last year, and devoured it cover to cover. This was a very good read. the chapter on charities in particular was deeply stirring.

    As a former Catholic this book made me spend a lot of time rethinking the current form of my faith and for the first time made me very grateful for the Catholic education I received all through childhood.

    The reviewer is right that many of the stories contained in the book are, sadly, secret history. If the full history were still widely known, we’d be much more defensive of western civilization today.

    (sorry for the english on your blog… I can’t speak Danish)

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