Muslim halshugger datter for ikke at ville indgå i tvangsægteskab

A muslim of northern Italy, Mohammed Saleem, beheaded his 21 year old daughter Hina Saleem,when she refused an arranged marriage with a cousin in his native country. The very religius muslim then buried his daughter in his back yard garden facing Mecca. Read the following news:

Italy’s interior minister, Giuliano Amato has signalled that revisions may be needed to a citizenship bill due to be examined by the Italian parliament next month.

“The sad story of Hina, teaches us a lot about citizenship: it is clear that it is not enough to require people to swear loyalty to the values of the Italian Constitution,” Amato said.”They need to uphold human rights such as respect for women, which I consider universal. A woman should have the right to choose the life she wants. We abandoned arranged marriages in Italy centuries ago,” he said.


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  1. Det er totalt gak at tale om at være “loyal” mod italiensk kultur; det handler sgu da først og fremmest om ikke at hugge hovedet af folk – og husk så lige på, at islamisk sharia forbyder tvang i ægteskabet!
    Ifølge islamisk lov kan manden selv blive henrettet.
    Vi måderfor gøre mere for at indføre sharia i Europa, så do-it-yourself-muslimer som den italienske gut her kan blive straffet efter islamisk lov og ikke sidde den af i en luksuscelle med weekendudgang.

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