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Oink Oink! – Why Islam forbids Pork

In Islam, pork was forbidden for human consumption more than 1400 years ago. The wisdom behind this Divine prohibition was only discovered in the 20th century by doctors and scientists.

Food and drink have direct effect on our health. That is why Allah (the one and only God) has prescribed regulations about our food and drink.

The abstention from eating pork is one of the steps taken by Islam to practise hygiene and to attain purity of soul. There is a saying in English that “a man becomes what he eats”. According to physicians and medical experts, pork is a harmful diet.

Consumption of swine-flesh creates lowliness in character and destroys moral and spiritual faculties in a man.Anything, which is harmful for the body, hurts the soul as well.


Consumption of swine-flesh reduces the feeling of shame and as such the standard of modesty. Those nations, which consume pork habitually, have a low standard of morality with the result that virginity, chastity and bashfulness are becoming a thing of the past.
The formula of “skin to skin is no sin” is taking its toll but there is hardly any feeling of shame or remorse over the end-result. Since the Western nations have become addicted to wine and pork, sexual freedom with all its attendant evils has got ingrained in their culture.

Reliable medical doctors and social scientists are able to realise how those food and drinks forbidden by Islam are harmful and destructive to the human spirit and morality as well as to the physique and moral fibre of man and to verify the benefits of Islamic legislations on the subjects.

Dr. E. Kazim. M.D, in his article “Medical aspects of forbidden foods in Islam” (July 1981 issue of Muslim Journal) has described diseases carried or caused by the flesh of swine.

He writes:

“The pig is a scavenger. It is an omnivorous animal. It eats everything. There are many diseases carried from swine to man, particularly parasite infestations. Lately extensive research has been focused on senility-old age is characterised by hardening of inner lining of the blood vessels of the heart, brain etc. a process called atheroselerosis. When a clot forms, it results in coronary thrombosis or a heart attack, cerebral thrombosis or stroke.
Different dietary factors are responsible for atheroselerosis. Gross atheroma may be produced in rabbit by feeding it with cholesterol, but when you add lard (derived from hog fat) to the cholesterol, the incidence of atheroma is increased and thus you would produce coronary thrombosis, and myocardial infraction.”

Besides, lard contains 2800 units of vitamin D per 100 grams and no vitamin A at all. Lately vitamin D has been held responsible for atheroma, by causing increased absorption of calcium in the blood vessels. In human beings, serum cholesterol is not dependent on the intake of cholesterol in the diet, but depends upon the proportion of animal fats in the diet, which elevates the beta-lipo protein level in the blood. Animal fats contain saturated fatty acids and these saturated fatty acids have been found to be as one of the causes of atheroma in man. Medium fat bacon contains 25% proteins and 55% fat.
According to medical research, the fat content in pork is more than any other meat (beef, mutton etc.) and it takes longer to digest.

Dr. M Jaffer in an article in the Islamic Review (London) of January 1997 issue has listed 16 kinds of harmful germs, which have been discovered in pork in modern researches and the diseases, which could be caused by them. The number of patients suffering from tapeworm disease is the highest in the world among pork eating nations. Other diseases attributed to pigs are caused by tri-chinelia spirates and intestinal worms occupy first place among such nations too.

Dr. Glen Shepherd wrote the following on the dangers of eating pork in Washington Post (31 May 1952):

“One in six people in USA and Canada have germs in their muscles – trichinosis 8 from eating pork infected with trichina worms. Many people who are infected show no symptoms. Most of those, who do have, recover slowly. Some die; some are reduced to permanent invalids. All were careless pork eaters.”

He continued:

“No one is immune from the disease and there is no cure. Neither antibiotics nor drugs or vaccines affect these tiny deadly worms. Preventing infection is the real answer.”

After reading the statement of Dr. Shepherd, one can realise that there is no real guarantee of safety when eating pork that one would not be affected by trichina worm. That is why modern doctors advise three prohibitions during illness:

no liquor, no pork and no smoking.

Muslims follow the divine law which is much higher than the medical advice. The Glorious Qur’an says:

“So eat of the lawful and good food which Allah has provided for you, and thank the bounty of your Lord if it is Him you serve. He has forbidden for you only carrion and blood and swine-flesh and that which has been immolated in the name of any other than Allah; but he who is driven thereto, neither craving nor transgressing, Lo! then Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (16:114-115)

The prohibition is based on the aim of the purification of one’s nature, because food, when consumed, does not merely enter the stomach and intestines and become excreta. It is absorbed and metabolised into the system and circulated to all parts of the human body, including the brain, and this in no small way affects man’s nature. Take a look at the nature of the pig for example.

The pig is naturally lazy and indulgent in sex, it is dirty, greedy and gluttonous. It dislikes sunlight and lacks the spirit and will to “fight”. It eats almost anything, be it human excreta or anything foul and unwholesome. Amongst all animal flesh, pork is the favoured cradle of harmful germs. Pork also serves as a carrier of diseases to mankind. It is for this reason that its flesh is not suitable for consumption.

Some people have argued that the “modern pig” reared in farms is given only clean foods, therefore, its flesh should be consumable. The answer is that you may feed the pig on clean, wholesome food, but you cannot change its nature. It is still a pig and will always stay so. A pig is not a plant and you cannot change it by bud-grafting!

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  1. Jeg tror tossen tager fejl af grise og islamister.
    Grise er renlige, intelligente, nysgerrige og legesyge dyr der elsker sol og frisk luft.
    De er sandt at de spiser det meste, men det gør mennesker også.
    Det er også sandt at det ikke er sundt udelukkende at leve af gris, men det gælder som bekendt for alle typer mad. At tossen så er nød til at henvise til en udtalelse fra 1952 (hvor man også troede at onani gjorde blind), viser tydeligt hvor tyndt argumentationsgrundlaget er. Men okay, siden islamister ikke lærer metode, kan jeg informere om, at gris er helt almindelig spise i USA, især for 50 år siden. Det er derfor ikke underligt, at også de syge tilhørte denne store gruppe af mennesker som lyder flæsk. Hvad med de resterende 5/6 der næsten alle spiste gris, men som ikke blev syge?

    Man kan godt blive i tvivl om islamisterne er dumme, eller om de bruger tynde og tåbelige argumenter i mangel af bedre. Måske en kombination af begge ting.

  2. “Those nations, which consume pork habitually, have a low standard of morality ”

    Er der ikke en behjertet Guds sjæl, der kan forklare mig hvorfor i alverden alle fra 3.verdenslande har så forbandet travlt med at komme herop? Stort set alle verdens rige lande er jo dominerede af mennesker der er besudlede af svinekød. Muslimer burde sky den rige verden som pesten. Hvorfor står de i kø for at komme ind i den?

  3. AMB
    Enkelt, de kommer for at befri os fra grisen og demokratiet, så vi kan blive en integreret del af totalitær idelogien islam.
    Vi kvinder har meget, at glæde os til !!!! lov mig ikke at kaste den første sten på mig, når jeg bliver grebet i sex uden for ægteskab.

  4. @4

    Hehe, du har nok ret Li. Er der så en behjertet sjæl der kan forklare mig hvorfor danskerene finder sig i at blive “befriet”??

  5. -> 5
    Ja – spørg engang de radikale, Elsebeth Gerner, Jelved, palæstinenserlovens moder Elisabeth Arnold eller den engang radikale minister Bay Bundegaard. De kender svaret.

    Jeg gør ikke.

  6. Islamleflerpartiet de radikale havde brug for flere stemmer til valgene. Derfor importerede partyet de radikale muhamedanske fupflygtninge, disse skulle anvendes som radikalt stemmekvæg.

  7. “Compulsion in religion is distinguished peculiarly from compulsion in every other thing. I May grow rich by art I am compelled to follow; I may recover health by medicines I am compelled to take against my own judgment; but I cannot be saved by a worship I disbelieve and abhor. –”

    Thomas Jefferson

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