Støt Robert Escamilla

The former Enloe (North Carolina) High School teacher who invited to his class a speaker who denounced Islam as a religion of violence, making national headlines, lobbied Monday to get his job back.

In February, Escamilla received permission from the school to invite Kamil Solomon, an Egyptian-born Christian who lives in Raleigh, to speak to about 300 Enloe students.

Solomon said he was persecuted for his religious beliefs by the Egyptian government. He also denounced Islam as a religion of violence and distributed pamphlets. One called the Prophet Muhammad a “criminal,” “demon possessed” and “inspired by Satan.” Another was titled “Do Not Marry A Muslim Man.”

After complaints about Solomon’s talk, school officials suspended Escamilla, a social studies teacher, with pay for 90 days. They later transferred him to Mary Phillips High School, an alternative school, and put a reprimand and negative performance review in his file.


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