Tegneserie med islamiske superhelte ind ad bagdøren

There’s a new comic series out that not only exposes readers to multicultural heroes, but even more interesting, the whole series is based on Islamic theology.

You know Spiderman and Superman and Batman. Now, meet Jabal, Nura, Dahl, Munita, and Jamah.”


These superheroes are all part of “The 99”, a comic book based on Muslim principals and the 99 traits of Allah.

Creator Naif Al-Mutawa said, “Kids in the Islamic world have a lot of historical figures that one can depend on, but modern day role models or modern day heroes are lacking.”

So Al-Mutawa started the Tashkeel Comic Company in order to tell stories that reflect his view of his own Islamic religion.

“Just like, you know, the same people who go back to the Quran, and pull out messages that aren’t as friendly, I’ve gone back to the same source and pulled out stuff that’s very friendly,” said Al-Mutawa.

While “The 99” is based on Islamic values and principles, religion isn’t mentioned anywhere in the story.

It’s not until you turn to the very last page that the publisher ties in what happens in the story to Islam.

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Venligt stof i koranen? Så kan serien da ikke blive særlig lang.


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