Venstrefløjens første bud: Du må ikke have succes

I forlængelse af Uriaspostens post idag om moral og medielogik kan jeg supplere med den amerikanske akademiske feminist Phyllis Cheslers forklaring på, hvorfor venstrefløjen skiftede fra at støtte Israel og til palæstinenserne.

Her bringes uddrag fra The Australian: Brian Wimborne: Left in perversity

“IN her book The New Anti-Semitism (2005), American feminist academic Phyllis Chesler writes: “The American and European Left have made a marriage in hell with their Islamic counterparts. The same Left that has still never expressed any guilt over its devotion to communist dictators who murdered millions of their own people in the service of a Great Idea has now finally, fatefully, joined the world jihadic chorus in calling for the end to racist Zionism and to the Jewish apartheid stateOnly recently, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the shrinking of the working class in developed economies, have numerous other groups become the Left’s favoured victims. These include indigenes, welfare dependents, homosexuals, refugees (especially if they are illegal immigrants) and displaced populations of dysfunctional states primarily in Africa and South America. Failure, in addition to class, has become a desired prerequisite for joining the Left’s brotherhood of victims. Through its support of those it deems less fortunate, the Left assumes a moral high ground from which it feels self-righteously justified in attacking those it designates as oppressors.

At the conclusion of World War II, the Jewish people were added to the Left’s list of stereotypical victims.

Designated a victim-state by the Left, Israel did not live up to expectations.

Paradoxically, the state’s success has been the reason the Left turned against Israel. Within a few years of its foundation, Israel had broken the first commandment of the Left’s ideology: “Thou shalt not succeed.” Success is anathema to the Left because it puts an end to victimhood; without victims the Left has no reason to exist.

From the Left’s rigidly dialectical viewpoint, the world is made up solely of victims and oppressors, and if Israel is no longer a victim it has to be an oppressor

For instance, in his 1983 essay Fateful Triangle, American polemicist Noam Chomsky portrayed Israel as a terrorist state similar to Nazi Germany. Chomsky’s central premise is that Israel should cease to exist because it is “a state based on the principle of discrimination”. That only in Israel have Palestinians enjoyed full citizenship rights for more than a half-century is something he conveniently ignores.

Closer to home, Australia’s counterfactual journalist John Pilger argues that Israel’s “brutal subjugation of the Palestinians is, under any interpretation of the law, an epic injustice, a crime”. This is despite the historical evidence that the real subjugation of the Palestinians has occurred in Arab countries and in Gaza and the West Bank, under the tyranny of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

In short, Israel has become the aggressor; terrorists or so-called insurgents, by contrast, are the darlings of the Left.

In addition to Israel’s failure to play the role of victim-state, there is another reason for the Left’s about-face in respect of Israel. The Left has long been permeated with anti-Semitism. It should not be forgotten that the Nazis (an acronym for National Socialist German Workers Party) had strong left-wing antecedents. The Nazis’ doppelganger, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, not only supported traditional Russian anti-Jewish movements but organised pogroms for its own political purposes.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this, it is that where morality is concerned, the Left is value free. It draws no distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice. Hence, in the minds of leftists, the terrorist becomes a freedom fighter and murderers are transformed into heroes. This should surprise no one. In the past century the Left gave rise to national socialism and international socialism; today it continues to function without a semblance of moral rectitude, offering support of any group it designates as victims.”

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  1. Der er da ingen grund til at komplicere forklaringerne. Jævnfør Ockham er den simpleste forklaring den rigtige. Det er den også her.

    Af natur er mennesket en misundelig, dum og ondskabsfuld skabning. Tyskerne slog jøderne ihjel, fordi jøderne var dygtige, og fordi de holdt sig for sig selv. Den Israelske stat voksede sig selvfølgelig stærk, rig og civiliceret af samme grund, og nu skal de så igen straffes for deres dygtighed.

    Sådan er det så simpelt. Socialismen er sammenslutningen af de ringest begavede, og deres mål er og har altid været først at gøre tilværelsen jammerlig for de dygtige, og derefter slå dem ihjel. Mere end 150.000.000 mennesker har de slået ihjel inden for de sidste 100 år, og de har forpestet tilværelsen for langt flere.

    Mvh. Børge.

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