50% japaner + 50% amerikaner = 1 dansker ????????????

Angående “danskeren Kiku Days” kronik i the Guardian kommer der artige ting frem.

The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,1709754,00.html 

There are, surprisingly, apparently no Muslims represented in today’s comment section, an oversight which will no doubt be quickly corrected. The space usually devoted to Islamists is today awarded to one Kiku Day, “a Danish musician living in London“.

Ms. Day’s article describes her discomfiture at her country’s “lurch to the far right“. “We were a liberal and tolerant people until the 1990s“, but now “politicians of most stripes have embraced ignorance“. For example, “Denmark has embarked on a self-declared crusade to tell others how to live“. Her evidence? The fact that:

“The prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is quoted as saying: ‘Freedom of speech should be used to provoke and criticise political or religious authoritarians.'”

Shocking ignorance indeed – but nothing compared to that displayed by “the founder of the ultra-rightwing Danish People’s party, Pia Kjærsgaard“. Ms. Kjærsgaard’s proposal – as befits one conceived by an ultra-rightwinger – is completely beyond the pale, as Ms. Day explains:

” … the founder of the ultra-rightwing Danish People’s party, Pia Kjærsgaard, felt emboldened to say that in order to qualify for citizenship, immigrants must not only master the Danish language but be examined on their respect for Danish society and its values.”

The horrible brutality thus displayed is quite simply beyond words! Thanks are due Ms. Day for this exposure of this utterly contemptible policy of the Danish fascists. And, speaking as an immigrant myself, I’m also thankful to live in an enlightened society in which such horrific measures are quite simply unthinkable.

Erm … hang on.

We hope to see many more Guardian contributions from Ms. Day in the future – and we’re encouraged by the fact that this is not her first appearance in its comment pages. In 2004, she penned a scathing criticism of the movie Lost in Translation, which has as its “very spine” “anti-Japanese racism“, the expression of which is a reflection of the evil beast that is … wait – take a guess.

You are correct!

The US is an empire, and from history we know that empires need to demonise others to perpetuate their own sense of superiority. Hollywood, so American mythology has it, is the factory of dreams. It is also the handmaiden to perpetuating the belief of the superiority of US cultural values over all others and, at times, to whitewashing history.”

Ms. Day speaks with some authority on the matter, as she reveals herself to be Japanese-American. As she puts it: “The Japanese half of me is disturbed; the American half is too“.

It remains unclear just what percentage of Ms. Day is Danish.

Den sidste bemærkning er da ubetalelig. Ja fr. Day hvornår er du blevet dansker??

Fundet på: The Daily Ablution: http://dailyablution.blogs.com/the_daily_ablution/

Opdatering: Hvornår finder DR-P1 frem til hende og laver et interview – taler hun dansk, eller er hendes kronik bestillingsarbejde fra nogen af hendes danske politiske venner – og i så  fald – hvem er det??

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  1. Like all lefties, Day wants it both ways. Hollywood produces the most appalling “appeasement” advocates, and is populated by the most excruciatingly biased left-wing ratbags on the planet, but somehow, when convenient to the argument, lo and behold, Hollywood is an extension of The West Wing.
    Gimme a break Day, you’ve been in the “long dark” of northern Europe too long.

    I wonder how your “Japanese half” would respond to any Islamisation of Nippon. Probably with appeals to the West Wing…. not Hollywood.
    Japan…. such a leader in Multi-Culturalism, so open to “otherness”.
    Is it that “half” you rely on, that deep tradition of acceptance you call on, when giving your opinion???

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