Åbent brev til Norges udenrigsminister

(IsraelNN.com) Are the Jews to blame for everything, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahrs Støre?

At a Foreign Ministry press conference on June 14, 2007, you blamed the Jews for the Muslim fratricide in Gaza:

“Israel has undermined the Palestinian coalition government.” (VG newspaper, Internet edition) You also stated that “Israel is partly to blame for the fighting in Gaza.” (Norwegian State Broadcasting Company, NRK, June 14, 2007)

girl hanged
Islamo-fascist justice

Because you do not criticize any other nation in the world as unreasonably as you criticize Israel, this is discrimination. Because you obviously are not accusing the trees, stones or mountains of Israel, it is clear you are accusing the Jews. You and your associates have done this on several occasions, as we documented in our letter to you dated January 11, 2006. The Centre Against Antisemitism (SMA) objects to your use of an ancient European strategy: whatever is wrong — blame the Jews.

It cannot be the Jews’ fault that Muslims are massacring each other. It is happening in several Muslim countries; as well as to non-Muslims there and in other parts of the world. We hope you aren’t blaming Jews for the Muslim-on-Muslim massacres in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Afghanistan and Iran. We also hope you aren’t laying the blame on the Jews for the Muslims’ butchering of almost three million Africans in Sudan, or the occupation and oppression of nearly 40 million Kurds, 24 million Berbers, 12 million Coptic Christians and the numerous other indigenous peoples who suffer under the Muslim yoke, far from your moral arena.

Democracy — terrorist style

Your government, which maintains soldiers in Afghanistan to kill terrorists who haven’t yet even targeted Norway, can teach the Jews of Israel — who suffer daily attacks from like-minded jihadis on their home soil — nothing. You demand that Israel use diplomacy, while you send soldiers and fighter planes to Afghanistan.

Norway is the only country in the world that supports both the PLO and Hamas terrorist organizations, gives aid to these anti-Jewish terrorists and, at the same time, reaps enormous economic benefits by securing lucrative investments for Norwegian corporations in Iran and other Muslim countries.

We feel it is worth reminding you that both you and the Norwegian government have Jewish blood on your hands. Almost 2,000 Jews have fallen victim to the wave of violence that was unleashed by the Oslo Accords. Norway also has Muslim blood on its hands due to the government’s and Stortinget’s (parliament) support of the PLO — the terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of Muslim opponents in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, ruined the economy of the local Arabs, oppresses them and enriches itself by stealing from its people and government coffers.

Foreign Minister Støre, you cannot lay the blame for all this on the Jews, just as Norwegians cannot blame the Jews for the Black Plague or the death of Jesus. You must also cease repeating the mantra that “the ruined economy of the Palestinians is Israel’s fault”. You know very well that the Arabs of Gaza enjoyed a higher standard of living than in most other Arab countries, until the Oslo Peace Process gave Arafat and his followers the opportunity to take control and rob the grassroots of their taxes and foreign aid.

We also haven’t forgotten Norway’s role in yesterday’s European Holocaust, all the while hearing you spread yesterday’s prejudices today. Should Norway’s economic partners in the Middle East manage to implement the genocide they openly proclaim, the history books will mention your name and your country as having bloodied your hands — as accomplices to a new Holocaust. You will not be able to claim, “We didn’t know.”

We will not allow the leaders of Norwegian society to spread more Jew-hatred than they already have. Your repeated statements prove that this animosity towards Jews does not come from the grassroots, but drips down from above. This is governmental anti-Semitism, which we demand must cease immediately, before we experience a new, and Norwegian-assisted, Holocaust.

Erez Uriely is founder and director of the Norwegian Centre against anti-Semitism, a nongovernmental organization focusing on hostile expressions against Jews and Israel in the Norwegian media and public institutions. He holds an MS degree and has published many articles in Norwegian newspapers. Jerusalem Center for Public Affaris


Hvis vi stadig havde haft en regering med Socialkammeraterne ved roret, kunne brevet lige så godt være henvendt til Mogens Lykketoft.

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  1. Hvis nu (forhåbentligt) Helle Thorning taber valget til Fogh næste gang, tror I så
    1) der vil komme en rokade igen, efter hvilken Helle T ryger som formand og
    2) vil denne afløser så være fra partiets røde fløj – altså de mennesker, for hvem gamle røde løgnere som Mogens Lykketoft og Svend Auken er ideologiske bagmænd?

    Jeg sidder og tænker på om folk af sådanne meninger kunne tænkes at komme til at være DKs ansigt udadtil igen (Gud forbyde det)

  2. Tilgengæld er grisen Hodja nødt til at kopiere andres arbejde, fordi vedkommende ikke selv kan finde ud af at skrive noget på egen hånd, for det kunne jo tænkes, at grisen så ikke ville have noget at byde sine små grisevenner noget som helst…

  3. “It cannot be the Jews’ fault that Muslims are massacring each other. It is happening in several Muslim countries; as well as to non-Muslims there and in other parts of the world.”

    Nej, men enten er det “tonens” Eller “jødernes” skyld.

    Det er jo logik for platmarxister.

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