Amazing Polly: Epstein sagen er meget større end den umiddelbart ser ud

At the end of this video I read a touching and inspirational email from a viewer – something for us to remember & to fight for!

The alternative media is now at the front lines of the fight for justice! We cannot let these investigations die. We CANNOT allow the crimes to be buried along with this one person. The truth is that HUNDREDS of people in multiple countries are implicated and we will make sure they never rest easy.

For a reference as to what is in this video, skip to 2:42 where I show a list of what I will be talking about. (I do not address some of the issues in the interest of time, however they are all good reference points for people who are unfamiliar with some of the lesser-covered elements of this case).

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My bitchute:…


NY Post Epstein on Stretcher:… Epstein Bailout Liquid Funding LLC:… Lottery Story:… Zorro Trust is Epstein’s:… Epstein New York Home State Department Ivan Fisher Don King:… Ivan Fisher:… FBI story about Pizza Connection:… Pizza Connection video:… Ivan Fisher NYT 2013 article:… Fraud USVI Schneider:… FBI Agent’s affidavit re Rodriguez:… Rothstein, Sun Sentinel 2019:… TD Bank Involvement:… Brunel info from Unsealed Court Documents:… David Boies Black Cube:… Mary Boies:… David & Mary Boies bios on Woodrow Wilson Center award recipient website:…#EpsteinSuicide#GreatAwakening#HumanTrafficking#FinancialCrimes

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