Belgien forsøger at lukke munden på modstandere af indvandringen

Philip Dewinter, leder af det nationalistiske, anti-immigrations parti Vlaams Belang, sagde i Gazet van Antwerpen i Mandags:

“If I lose my political rights in Belgium, I will seek political asylum in the Netherlands if necessary.”

His statements come in anticipation of the parliamentary debate on Wednesday on a proposed bill from Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx.

The permanent committee for justice will debate a bill that could make it possible to deny both corrupt officials and citizens their civil liberties if convicted of racism.

“After the condemnation of the Vlaams Blok and the amendment to the law on party financing, this is the third initiative from the liberal-social coalition to murder the VB politically,” Dewinter said. “If this law is passed I may become its first victim.”

Dewinter was referring to a case brought against him by the Council of State after a comment in American magazine Jewish Week. When asked why Antwerp’s Jews should vote for a xenophobic party he said:

“We have no hate whatsoever for foreigners, but if it must be called a phobia, rather Islamophobia. Yes, I do fear Islam.”

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  1. By the definitions currently invoked by the leftists and elitists that abound,
    ~ which have it that enquiry into Islam is a phobia,
    ~ which state that a reasoned distrust of Muslim intention is racist,
    ~ that concern for my country is xenophobia,
    ~ that pride in my culture is ignorant,
    ~ that concern over issues such as “jihad” and “taqiya” are phobic,

    …….then sign me up as a racist, xenophobic,ignorant Islamophobe!
    Unfortunaltely, under examination, I am none of those things;
    – I have studied Islam and have genuine questions,
    – I am married to an Asian, and lived in Thailand for 10 years, so racism is kinda hard to apply to me,
    – I live in a hugely multi-cultural family, so xenophobia is also hard to stick me with.
    Still, lack of reality and hard evidence has never stopped appeasers before, so I doubt it will now!
    I am a very happy and proud islamohobe….. and I’m in very good company.
    In Australia, ANZAC Day approaches…… lest we forget!

  2. Det skulle lige være her, at man forsøgte at nedlægge Dansk Folkeparti, så ville man få med danskerne at bestille.

    Det er jo det glade vanvid. Hvordan kan det gå til i et demokratisk Europa?


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