Bongino om Trumps advokatteam og Sidney Powell og Demokraternes hykleri om valgsvindel

Ep. 1399 A Dramatic Weekend Announcement by the Trump Team – The Dan Bongino Show®

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  1. Er bange for at globalisterne har en anden plan end bare at stjæle valget til Biden som beskrevet her:

    To really deal a death blow to America, globalists and the deep state need to create the illusion that Biden has won the election, then allow Trump to “steal” it from them with a court victory. Why do you think they left a massive trail of election fraud in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? They couldn’t possibly think their blatant fraud would go unchallenged, and they know Trump’s team is capable of fielding expert lawyers who can successfully argue in the courts for tossing out questionable ballots.

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