CBS News Admits They Ran a Bogus Bush Poll

“However, the blogosphere and talk radio uncovered a bit of hanky-panky going on at CBS once again. No, they didn’t use forged documents again — and those responsible for the use of fraudulent memos used to damage the Bush presidency are gone from CBS News, including Mary Mapes and Dandy Dan Rather.”

“So, in an effort to turn the findings of bloggers and talk hosts, who caught CBS monkeying with the poll numbers, into a non-story, they decided to “out” themselves on their website, albeit in the guise of explaining how polls are conducted.”

Hele artiklen på BlogWonks

Jeg bringer lige dette for at erindre om, at det er CBS, der står bag 60 Minutes, der jo lige har bragt et temmelig ensidigt indslag om Danmark.

BTW: Dan Rathers farvel episode på 60 Minutes

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