CNN kalder pæstilensisk terrorist og morder ‘aktivist’

Deja Vu: CNN’s Amanpour Confuses Palestinian Terrorist for ‘Activist’

Another journalistic faux pas: CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour failed to properly characterize Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian viewed by many as the mastermind behind the Second Intifada. In a segment of her show Amanpour & Co., she described the arch-terrorist as a “Palestinian activist and leader who’s in jail inside Israel.”

An Israeli court found the “activist” guilty of orchestrating terror attacks that killed five people. Barghouti has also been accused of organizing dozens of other shootings and suicide bombings. By contrast, in an interview aired last week, Amanpour did not hesitate to refer to al-Qaeda as a terrorist group. Yet, when the perpetrator is Palestinian and his victims Israeli, her bias is seemingly exposed.

Earlier this month, HonestReporting critiqued Associated Press and The New York Times for painting Barghouti as a heroic figure, while failing to note the blood on his hands. Time and again, major media outlets appear to act as defense lawyers on behalf of terrorists, misleading their audience by omitting crucial context.

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