De bedste og værste steder at spise, drikke, ryge og dampe i EU

The Nanny State Index 2016.

The Index includes any policy that is designed to deter consumption of legal products. The criteria for each category and their weightings are shown on the pages for alcohol, e-cigarettes, food and soft drinks, and tobacco.

All data reflects the legal status on 1 January 2016 to the best of our knowledge. From May 2016, members states will have to abide by a new Tobacco Products Directive which will standardise much of the regulation of tobacco and e-cigarettes. The next edition of the Index will be adjusted to account for this regulatory change.

Note that we do not make adjustments for how the law is enforced. Some countries may not police some of their regulations effectively, but this is unquantifiable. We are interested only in what the (national) law says, not whether it is easy to flout the law in practice.

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