Dystopi UK 2015

This is the Britain they have created for your children, a future of minority status in a multiracial society of tension and conflict.

Is this what your ancestors fought and died for? Is this what they worked hard all their lives to create? Is this the future they would have wanted for you and your children? Is this what tens of millions of Europeans died for fighting in two pointless civil wars? Nobody in their right mind can say that our ancestors would have wanted this, they would have fought to the death to prevent this. Only the last 3 or 4 generations have sat idly by and allowed this to happen despite the repeated warnings.

It is now a well known fact that by the middle of this century white Brits will be a minority across the country. Look at how bad it is now, we have entire areas colonised. We have race riots, we have grooming gangs and unprecedented levels of criminality and violence. Ask yourselves a very important question, is this what you want for your children?

The people responsible for this need to be held accountable. And I say responsible because this has been a purposeful and Genocidal act of social and demographic engineering unseen before.’


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