East Timor Seeks Help From International Agencies

The President of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao, is in Geneva to seek assistance from United Nations agencies for his impoverished country.  The president says East Timor has put the bitterness of its war for independence from Indonesia behind it and is looking forward to a brighter social and economic future.

This first showing of the film A Hero’s Journey, traces the development of Xanana Gusmao from guerrilla fighter to president of East Timor.  The film explores the potential power of forgiveness to resolve conflict.

Mr. Gusmao is often called the Nelson Mandela of East Asia.  In that spirit, he says only through forgiveness and reconciliation can East Timor put an end to the suffering of the past and look toward the future.  He says pursuing vengeance or demanding justice will not solve anything.



Skylark fra DemocracyFrontline resumerer Øst Timors nyere historie:

You know in Australia we have a strange situation to our north. As you might know the Australian army helped the East Timorese ( mainly Catholics) stand up to the Muslims and gain their independence in 1999 – this is one of the few victories of the Christians against the Muslims in modern times – and it really craps the Indonesian Muslims off. They shouted and screamed at first but the E Timorese got world sympathy. Very cleverly the leader of this Christian country was depicted as a poor guerilla who rose to become a hero. So the signals got mixed – the Muslims were not the victims here any more as they show themselves on the world stage. I mean – how could they be victims when they are 200 million of them against the 1 million of East Timor. But with our help the East Timorese won – they are poor but they have oil which will give them some money for the future. Some info about it below. A little Lepanto of modern times. However the socialist left is trying to paint a gloomy picture of the place – but the people would rather die than be Muslim.

Lad os se hvor meget hjælp han får fra FN. Det er jo en majoritet på 1 million kristne undertrykkere, som er oppe mod en minoritet på 200 millioner muhammedanske ofre. Her er virkelig noget for Søvngængeren, Håndtasken, Guccitasken og andre at arbejde for.

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