ENEMY OF THE STATE: Tommy Robinson’s New Book Says He Believes The State Tried To Have Him Killed

Tommy Robinson’s new book – Enemy of the State – tells his story.


It is more entertaining, funny, bitterly depressing and exciting than most of the fiction I’ve read lately. It had me laughing out loud then thumping soft furnishing in frustration over the injustice of it all. It’s not about the EDL but his involvement with the EDL is clearly the main driver for most of what’s happened to him.

It’s a relatively long read at 330 pages, and the style perfectly captures Tommy’s voice and background. Some of the phraseology will upset English grammar teachers: it’s always “me and my football pals” but that’s authentic Tommy-speak.

The book sets the scene for the formation of the EDL by explaining something of the life he led in Luton growing up.

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