Engelsk parlamentsmedlem udtaler: Tegningerne værre end 11/9 & 7/7

Det engelske parlamentsmedlem George Galloway udtaler til El Khabar i Algeriet:

Halimi: Mr Galloway! Let us deal with the core of the issue immediately. What is your personal position and that of your party towards the events and the demonstrations which have been taking place in the Muslim world against the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet?

Galloway: Personally, I condemn these barbaric and evil acts. Today, the objective of the Western states is to control the oil of the Muslims whatever the price. In fact, the cartoons published in Denmark did not surprise me because the Western states have been waging fierce attacks against Islam for years. These began by humiliation, insults and then occupation. Today they reached the point of ridiculing the prophet. This incident is worse than the 11 September
attacks in the US and the 7/7 incidents in London. Therefore, today it is the right of Muslims to express their anger and to defend their right and faith.To be clearer, Denmark is the only European state which practices racism in the pure sense of the word. There is not a single mosque in the entire Denmark. So how do you explain this my brother? There are many other examples. Worse, Denmark’s immigration laws are the worst in the world.

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  1. Churchill efterfulgte jo Chamberlain da lokummet brændte. Mon ikke en ny sand englænder viser sit ansigt, når appeasement politiken endnu engang har spillet fallit?

  2. Jeg tror ikke at fjolset ved hvad han taler om. Hvorfra skulle han vide, at der ingen moskeer er i DK? Han finder kun på noget, fordi han vil have respekt fra muslimerne

  3. At finde sig selv med tungen dybt begravet i en eller anden islamists røvhul, afføder næppe respekt….endsige selvrespekt !

  4. Denne mands udsagn er ikke blot absurd, men en skamfuld hån over for ofrene for 9/11 i USA og 7/7 i London.
    Endnu en Neville Chamberlain- nej det er faktisk for venligt: Neville Chamberlain var naiv, men ikke ond.

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