EU vil flyve 38.000 afrikanere til Europa


The Dutch newspaper Financieel Dagblad (FD) published an article (paywall) on 30 August claiming that the EU is planning on organising an air lift to Europe for migrants from Africa.

In cooperation with UN refugee organisation UNHCR, the EU voices its intent to select those who are eligible for (temporary) shelter in Europe and bring them over.

EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos is said in the article to have written a letter to that effect, which was delivered in European capitals last Friday. Avramopoulos, restating earlier plans presented in July, called on member states to be “as ambitious as possible.” The member states have until the middle of September to respond, but none are obligated to agree to the proposal. To help finance this import of people, the EU has made available funds to the tune of €377 million, or €10.000 per expected refugee.

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