Kina er ved at forsøge at slette sporene efter sig

China Begins Mass Deletion Of Online Research On Coronavirus Origins

However, one thing seems clear, as The Epoch Times specifically notedthe rumors aren’t by accident and are a one-way street from Chinese officials mouths to western media’s ears: The CCP has been actively engaging in a disinformation campaign, and media outlets around the world have parroted the propaganda. As a result, entire nations have been operating under false information as they try to battle the pandemic within their borders.

And just in case you were in any doubt about China’s efforts to hide the truth – whatever that truth may be – none other than the western establishment’s most righteous mouthpiece, The Guardian, is reporting that mass deletions of online research related to the origins of the coronavirus suggest China’s efforts to control the narrative are escalating wildly:

China is cracking down on publication of academic research about the origins of the novel coronavirus, in what is likely to be part of a wider attempt to control the narrative surrounding the pandemic, documents published online by Chinese universities appear to show.

Two websites for leading Chinese universities appear to have recently published and then removed pages that reference a new policy requiring academic papers dealing with Covid-19 to undergo extra vetting before they are submitted for publication.

Research on the origins of the virus is particularly sensitive and subject to checks by government officials, the notices posted on the websites of Fudan University and the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) said. Both the deleted pages were accessed from online caches.

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