Politiet tillader at BLM/ANTIFA vandaliserer statue af Winston Churchill i London

Britain First

Today, the white Antifa idiots and their immigrant racist friends Black Lives Matter have gone too far!

Just look at the photos of Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square below:

The police actually physically removed a group of patriots who were defending the statue, so that the left-wing goons could vandalise it!

The police actually facilitated the vandalism of Churchill’s statue!

Let that sink in.

Next Saturday, patriots have called a unity demonstration to protect our sacred war memorials in London from left-wing vandalism:

Thousands of patriots are going to descend on London to protect the Cenotaph and Churchill’s statue!

This is not a Britain First event, or a Tommy Robinson event, it is simply an organic assembly being organised by patriots who are appalled by what has been allowed to happen in our capital city.

But, Paul Golding and Tommy Robinson will be there and so will hundreds and hundreds of Britain First patriots.

Enough is enough, the vandalism of our war memorials must stop immediately. 

If the police won’t stop it, then I am sure that thousands of patriots would love to protect them!

Likewise, a 300-year-old statue in Bristol was torn down today by Antifa/BLM and thrown in a river!

The police simply watched on as the left-wing goons destroyed a monument:

If you are angry at what happened to Churchill’s statue and other memorials, then you have two choices right now:

1. Join thousands of patriots next Saturday in London, or…..
2. Donate immediately to Operation Blizzard so that the Britain First movement and our legions of activists can swing back into action on the streets.

Please make your decision right now.

Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines just watching as our nation is destroyed. 

This is a time to stand up and be counted!

If you chip in today, you will see a blizzard of activities nationwide throughout the summer and all the way to Christmas. 

This is the state of play the present time:

Target: £8,000
Raised: £2,320
Shortfall: £5,680

Recommended: Chip in £20

You will personally be equipping our frontline activists with the tools they need to finish the job!

Every penny counts:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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