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The Different Stages of Sexual Education

As the child goes through different developmental periods, his or her education too should be planned in stages, and each stage should be appropriate to the age of the child. Although children’s maturity vary greatly at any given age, there are four main stages that most children go through:

1. The age of discernment, i.e., between seven and ten years. At this age, the child should know the etiquette for asking permission to enter the parent’s room.

2. The age of adolescence, or preteen, which is from ten to fourteen years. At this age, the child should learn how to avoid sexual arousal, and should be protected from it.

3. The age of puberty, between fourteen and sixteen years, when the child should know the etiquette of sexual intercourse, if he or she is ready to get married in the near future.

4. At youth, when they are sixteen years or older, the unmarried young men and women should learn sexual abstinence, and the dangers of adultery and fornication (zina).

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