Stacked Decks: The Art and History of Erotic Playing Cards, Rotenberg Collection

In 10 years the economy as we know it will cease to exist.

img_15007_poprocks3.jpgNo one will have jobs; instead earth’s billions of inhabitants will just pass money back and forth in a never-ending worldwide poker game.

Muslims will play Jews, blacks will share the felt with whites, and Catholics will deal the deck to Protestants with nary a hint of contempt, such will be their deep love and respect for the game.

Another interest they’ll share: boobies. Big boobies, small boobies, torpedo-shaped boobies, pink and brown nip-tipped boobies—all will be admired equally.

And Stacked Decks: The Art and History of Erotic Playing Cards—my new favorite book—will be the world’s new constitution, Bible and lifestyle manual combined. Pictures of the Esquire deck—the magazine’s attempt to lure back readers who jumped ship upon Playboy’s debut—will be our new Bill of Rights.

Folks will marvel at the erotic pack (complete with sexually explicit instructions for promoting a healthy marriage). They’ll be dazzled by artwork by renowned artists like Gil Elvgren. They’ll eagerly scour the book’s erotic images—some of which date from 1807. Man, that’s some hot great-great-great-great-grandma titty. (Brian McManus)

Hmmmmmmmm – hvad er det for noget snavs jeg er ude i her?

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  1. Hva er nu det for snavs! På denne PÆNE side. Det må selvfølgelig undersøges nærmere, så jeg må udbede mig yderligere dokumentarisk materiale!

  2. “Den hører mere til i en svinesti”

    Der befinder du dig jo hele tiden Maltesen. Vær glad for du er i godt selskab.

  3. “Svinesti”…er det måske bedre at poste billeder af kæresten hentet i den nærmeste put and take?

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