Venstrefløjsere og muslimer er rasende over at medierne udviser ‘manglende respekt’ ved at vise terrorist uden burka

Vi skal jo udvise respekt for massemordere – hvis de er muslimer vel at mærke.


The New York Times, despite a front-page editorial advocating for gun control, still failed to live up to the left-wing sensibilities of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry Saturday because it had a picture of San Bernardino shooter and devout Muslim Tafsheen Malik wearing her hijab.


Al-Jazeera producer Hashem Said is being criticized after tweeting that ABC News should have respected San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik by not sharing photos of her without a burqa, the Gateway Pundit writes.


Having been born and raised in a Muslim culture, I have little doubt that the Muslim leaders Lynch met with asked her not to show the photo of the Muslim female terrorist. Their explanation for keeping the photo away from the public eye was probably because they claimed that showing a photo of a veiled Muslim terrorist who was also a new immigrant would inflame Americans against veiled Muslim women.

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