Virker kontrol med borgernes adgang til våben?

Why do the media repeatedly make the same faulty assumptions and advance the same shopworn arguments for expensive and intrusive gun-control policies that have no proven effect on crime and render law-abiding citizens helpless to defend themselves?” he asked in the report.

“In a word, ideology,” said Niedrauer. “The argument for gun control has always been based more on utopian visions than empirical facts. That, and the left simply does not trust an armed citizenry.”

— “Comparisons between countries are not useful. Unfortunately, direct comparisons based solely on crime rates and gun laws tell very little about whether gun control actually works. Social scientists believe that gun control is only one of many factors that influence rates of violence.

— “Guns are frequently used to stop crimes. To the Founding Fathers, the right to bear arms for self-protection was essential if citizens were to be truly free, but this essential fact rarely saw the light of day in the mainstream media.

“Most guns used in crimes are illegally acquired. Like it or not, banning guns only takes them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, making it easier for people with no respect for the law to attack their victims.

— “Gun control laws have no proven effect. At worst, gun control laws leave law-abiding citizens defenseless before rapacious criminals, and at best, they may not affect violence at all.”

The Media Assault on the Second Amendment

Men uanset om det er fakta, bliver medierne ved med at kritisere USA for dets våbenlove (og alt muligt andet). Hvis det er fakta – så benægter a’ fakta!

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