YG Nyghtstorm

Dear fellow American, 

My name is YG Nyghtstorm. 

I’m a 6’ 2”, gun-toting, pro-life, Trump-supporting BLACK MAN. 

And guess what?

I’m not staying quiet about the injustices the Democrats have done to black families — how they want to send our babies to broken schools, land them in prisons, and promise them “free” stuff! 

The Democrats have worked to brainwash black communities into thinking they NEED government handouts, when in reality, what we need are strong families. 

I’ve teamed up with God, Guns, & Life PAC to spread my message to my black brothers and sisters around the nation. I want them to WAKE UP and see the truth I learned long ago: The Democrats don’t care about us.

We recently launched two billboards like the one you see above in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’re each getting 500 THOUSAND viewers per week — and they’re turning some heads! I guess the good folks of Milwaukee weren’t expecting a black man like me to belong to the party of freedom and progress. HA! 

My goal is to get these billboards in 10 more states before November, so we can drive millions of black voters to our website where they can learn the truth about liberal policies — and know that there is a better way. Can I count on your generous gift of $25, $50, $100, or more to EXPAND this bold and much-needed campaign to capture the black vote for Republicans this fall?Help launch billboards targeting black voters!

You see, when we go into black communities, when we explain that the Democrats’ “war on poverty” ultimately removed black dads from families (by removing incentives for marriage), explain to them that Democrats are trying to take away Second Amendment rights from people who look like us, and target the lives of black babies through record abortion rates in our communities — they can’t believe it. 

Republicans haven’t focused on the black vote enough, but I’m doing everything I can to change that this year. 

We don’t have much time to spare, and I am not a quiet man, so I’m working with the good folks at God, Guns, & Life PAC to shake things up in a creative way.

But we can’t do it alone! 

Please, PLEASE join me in letting black communities know — the Democrats DON’T care about you. They just care about your vote. 

But conservative, pro-family, pro-life, pro-liberty policies can heal the ills plaguing the black community and our nation. It’s time for black voters to leave the Democratic Party and vote for a brighter future!

No one else is doing what we are here at God, Guns, & Life PAC. No one is brave enough to say what we’re saying. But to make sure we reach black communities, I need your gift of $25 or more today to launch more of these “head turning” billboards and make a difference in this year’s elections.

For freedom, 

YG Nyghtstorm

National Spokesman 

God, Guns, Life PAC 

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  1. Lidt morsom så stille “demokraterne” og venstretosser i al almindelighed bliver når en sort mand stiller sig op og udbasunere nøjagtig det samme som Fede Hvide Skaldede Mænd har sagt og råbt i årevis og rutinemæssigt bliver affærdiget som racist, fascist og det der er værre!

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