40% af unge muslimer i UK forkaster Vestens værdier

40% af unge muslimer i UK mellem 18 og 24 år vil hellere leve under shariah end under britisk lovgivning.

Undersøgelsen fra sidste uge, iværksat af en britisk tænke-tank, viser signifikant tilslutning til anvendelse af slør i det offentlige rum, islamiske skoler og dødsstraf for muslimer, der konverterer til andre religioner.

13% af de unge muslimer beundrer organisationer som Al Qaeda, der vil bekæmpe Vesten.

Her er udtalelser fra unge britiske muslimer:

“The British way of life is unacceptable to Muslims,”

“It is wrong to drink. Look at all the deaths caused by drink-driving. It is wrong for women to wear skirts. Women should be covered up at all times, and it is wrong for British politicians to try to change that.”

“British law is not acceptable to Muslims – it is too soft. There are people committing horrendous crimes and getting away with it. Things would be better if we lived under Sharia law.

“We don’t want to be like the non-Muslims who smoke, drink and are promiscuous. That is why young Muslims are breaking away from British society – the cultures are too different. Blair and Bush are spreading the hatred.”

“All you read about is cutting off hands, stoning and beheading people. In fact, it is an entire way of leading your life in an Islamic state, as set out in the Koran, and allows Muslims and non-Muslims to live together peacefully.

“I would prefer to live under it. It is completely different to British law, which is man-made and laid down by a government which is all about greed, corruption and at the beck and call of big business with vested interests.

“I do not admire Al Qaeda, but they are trying to address the issues that all Muslims face, of subjugation of their lands, theft of wealth and oppression of their people.”

“Sharia law covers all our social and financial affairs as well as crime. We are supposed to give a fortieth of our wealth to the poor and are not allowed to charge interest on loans, for example.”

“I think an Islamic school would be a good option for my children. I went to a normal Western school and it messed up my head having to listen to non-Muslims talking about sex and rubbish all day long.

“The punishments under Sharia law are tough, but they do stop crime. If you know you are going to be stoned or beheaded for adultery, you don’t commit adultery.”

“It is easy to understand why young Muslims are turning their backs on the British way of life,” he says. “Your politicians tell us women should not wear the hijab, but you have naked women on the front of newspapers. Images like that lead to rape.

“If people start trying to tell us how to dress and behave, then of course there will be a backlash.”

“Since September 11, America has changed Westerners’ perception of Muslims. People think that Muslim men with beards and women with veils are terrorists. But if you get to know us, we are exactly the same as you, except that we have different ideas about how to live.

“We choose to live more modestly and cover our modesty.”

The ultimate goal of every Muslim is to establish Sharia law over the whole Earth,” he says. “It is a superior way of life and every Muslim living in the UK has an obligation to call for Sharia law to be implemented.

“We believe in jihad, which literally means to struggle. It is not allowed for a Muslim to obey a man-made system of laws that is prone to errors.

“Sharia law is a perfect system of divine law and order that the whole world should live under.

“Everything you have in the West is wrong. We should be in charge over you. If Sharia law prevailed, it would change everything.

“Alcohol would be outlawed and it would be illegal for any woman to leave the house unless she had her whole body and head covered. Everything would change for the better – it is sadly and badly needed.”

“The martyrs who carried out the bombings on July 7 were praiseworthy and correct.

“We have to spread Sharia law and put fear into the head of the enemy.”

“Muslims are peaceful, but the war really angered them. People got it into their heads that the only way to be heard and understood was to fight.

“There are lots of Muslims in this country now who have very strong beliefs, but they think the only way to put the point across is by force.”

“He took me to one side and said he wanted me to become a martyr, to become a suicide bomber.

“I was very frightened and said I didn’t want to speak to him and ran off. I think he picked on me because I am the smallest member of my group in class and maybe I looked like I would be easy to manipulate.

“I do not believe in extremism at all. I follow Sharia as a way of life because it has a strong moral code. Extremism is not a part of it.”

“Recruitment” procedures are taking place quite openly in a British mosque, that is an alarming development indeed.

Mere på Daily Mail

Hvis de så gerne vil leve under shariah, så behøver de da ikke vente på, at shariahen kommer til UK. Der er masser af lande, hvortil de kan rejse nu og her. Til glæde for både dem selv og europæerne.

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  1. Tidligere indenrigsminister David Blunkett’s udsagn kan vist tåle en “genudsendelse”.

    Han har sagt: “Vi forstod ikke, at de (islamisterne) ikke kun var anti-vestlige, men også levede på en anden planet, og det er der stadig mange, der ikke forstår. Vi kan være så venlige, som vi vil over for dem, men det er ikke spørgsmålet. De er på en mission, som har taget dem uden for alt, en mission om fuldstændig at ødelægge vores måde at leve på”.

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