Al-Kubeisi: The West’s conflict with Islam is eternal and cannot be avoided

Prince Bin Talal’s new TV channel, which is soon to be broadcasted in English for the Western audience aired the following interview with Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi on March 15, 2006.

Host: “Dr. Ahmad, do you think that international treaties can resolve the West’s conflict with our Islamic nation?”
Al-Kubeisi: “The West’s conflict with Islam and the Muslims is eternal, a preordained destiny that cannot be avoided until Judgment Day – not before the sun and the moon are transformed. This is preordained, but there could be some kind of ostensible agreement that hides unimaginable negative feelings.”
“The Means Used by America… to Spread Democracy… are the Same Used by Islam When it Spread Monotheism”
“In Islam, jihad is conducted in order to spread its principles, justice, and views. This is exactly what America is doing today, when it spreads democracy.
“The means used by America – to which the world submits – in order to spread democracy – all the international organizations, all those peoples and nations, are the same means used by Islam when it spread monotheism, at the time when idols and people were worshipped. It is one and the same. What was said there is being said here. If that was correct, then this is correct. If that was a mistake, then this is a mistake.
“Hence, we have reached the following conclusion: The term ‘violence’ or ‘jihad’ – or you could call it ‘aggression’ or ‘colonialism’ – means that you take control of the resources of others, out of economic or political greed. On the other hand, Islam does this to bring people to worship Allah, and to instate justice among all people.” (Full Transcript)


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