An Urgent Message From the Desk of David Horowitz

I need your help. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – whose very founders have been arrested in connection with terrorist activities – has decided to silence once and for all its harshest and bravest critic: the Freedom Center’s Robert Spencer.

CAIR is using legal threats to extort groups who ask Robert to speak at their gatherings and tell the truth about Islamic Jihad.

You may recall, not long ago I asked Robert, a fearless patriot, to come join the Freedom Center team. Spencer’s powerful internet site, Jihad Watch, was taking on radical Islam in ways no one in on the planet was doing – daily, sometimes hourly, exposing their financial underpinnings and digging deep to reveal the roots of Islamofascism’s evil and terror.

Robert is so good at what he does terrorists issued a fatwa – a legal decree in sharia law requiring any Muslim to kill Spencer if they had the chance. The fatwa’s closing line is nothing less than bloodcurdling:

“May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over.

However, rather than striking fear into Robert’s heart, the death decree has made him more forcused and dedicated to exposing the “religion of peace” for it truly is.

Recently Robert was invited to speak at a conference hosted by the Young America’s Foundation in Washington, D.C. YAF the leading conservative organization for high school and college-aged Americans.

A day before Robert was to deliver a talk titled “The Truth About the Council on American-Islamic Relations,” YAF officials found an ominous letter on their FAX machine.

A powerful Washington, D.C. law firm told YAF that Robert was, in essence, a hate-filled liar and that CAIR had ordered the law firm “to purse every available and appropriate legal remedy to redress any false and defamatory statements that made” at the conference.

In other words: silence Robert Spencer or be sued. It doesn’t get much more threatening than this and still remain within the bounds of the law.

To help Robert, we are creating a special Jihad Watch Defense Fund to counter these threats. Your contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, $500 or more right now will help us raise the $250,000 we need to ensure two things:

  1. Send the message that you and other Americans are not intimidated by the politically correct radical left and that Jihad Watch and Robert Spencer are financially ready to combat what can only be described as legal extortion.
  2. Keep Robert and Jihad Watch doing what they do best: exposing groups like CAIR who mask themselves as friends of our country, when Robert consistently reveals their lies and connections to groups and individuals who support Islamofascism.

You know well how the radical left works. Anyone who dares speak out against them becomes a target for lies, vilification, and threats.

Robert takes these threats in stride. But legal challenges, no matter how scurrilous, are costly. We must be willing to do what needs to be done to meet this challenge.

And one more thing you and I must consider. Recently you may have read that the editor of the Oakland Post was murdered for doing his job – revealing the violent nature of a local Black Muslim group.

The murder of this journalist demonstrates clearly the evil threat that hangs over our friend Robert Spencer each day. You and I can take great pride in working to help him and Jihad Watch.

So please, take a moment right to use one of the blue highlighted links in this letter and make a contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, $500 or more if possible right now. It’s courageous work he’s doing and courageous support you’ll be giving.

As always, I truly appreciate your support. I know I speak on behalf of our small but dedicated Center team when I say, thank you.

David Horowitz
President & FounderP.S. Linked to our Jihad Defense Fund contribution page is a copy of the thinly veiled threat CAIR’s attorney sent the Young America’s Foundation. I think you’ll see they mean to scare YAF and anyone else interested in hearing the truth about radical jihad from Robert Spencer.When you make a contribution of $50 or more today I will rush you a copy of Robert’s bestseller, “The Truth About Mohammed.” This book is typical of Robert’s excellent research and dedication to getting the facts to you and me. Thanks again!

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