BBC’s islampropaganda: TV-serie viser person der konverterer til islam og den positive indflydelse på hans liv

The British TV drama EastEnders will feature a character who is in prison for killing his sister converting to Islam “to Islam to find peace after leaving prison.” The storyline is, of course, designed “to challenge prejudices about faith.” Apparently the only religion now worthy of the title of being a “faith” in Britain today is Islam.

“EastEnders bosses,” said the Mail, “have been working with Muslim youth workers ahead of a storyline which sees jailed Bobby Beale explore Islam.” They have been doing so because “they want to show the positive impact of religion in 21st-century society.” Their storyline, however, shows only the positive impact of Islam. There is nothing in EastEnders about the positive impact of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other religion.

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