Britain First om Big Techs knægtelse af ytringsfriheden

What a crazy few days it has been for patriots across the world.

Firstly, Twitter suspends President Donald Trump’s account, cutting him off from 90 million supporters.

Then, to stop him fleeing to Parler, Google and Apple ban the Parler app from their app stores.

Then Amazon throws Parler off its cloud hosting services, totally crashing the entire Parler social network.

Facebook and Instagram are still refusing to allow Trump to post on his accounts, which will be deleted shortly anyway.

First the election was stolen, now they are silencing any opposition!

This is a criminal, totalitarian coup by the Liberal-Left.

Now they are going to try to impeach Trump so he is barred from standing for office ever again.

They did this to me back in 2018, by sending me to prison for “harassing” a gang of paedophile rapists, they ensured I cannot stand in elections for five years.

What started with Britain First being banned on Twitter in 2017 (following retweets by Trump), has escalated within a few years to the President of the United States himself being banned!

Britain First has been banned by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok and VK.

Many other patriots have been silenced across the Western world as Big Tech cracks down hard on freedom of speech.

The political Left intends to eradicate any non liberal or socialist speech across the internet, then just bombard our nations with relentless woke, politically correct propaganda using the fake news mass media and social networks.

This is the only way they can achieve their dreams of world socialism and multiculturalism.

Patriotism, nationalism, real conservatism, Christianity and traditionalism will be silenced and removed.

But believe it or not, the shocking events of the last few days are very, very welcome and needed!

If Trump was re-elected for another four years, he would simply carry on being President, but with one hand tied behind his back, as the Democrats still held the House of Representatives.

Now that he is being forced out and censored, he can take nearly one-hundred million Americans to new social media homes on the internet.

He can also launch his own TV channel, a new political party, new social networks (TrumpBook maybe) and help build a vast new infrastructure on the internet for nationalist organisations and individuals across the West.

He wouldn’t have done any of this if re-elected, but he is going to be forced to do it now.

This is why I did not mourn the loss of the election, but instead, welcomed it.

It was all part of God’s plan to save the West from Big Tech and mass media repression.

One of the biggest beneficiaries from the censorship of the Trump base is Telegram, which has been home to Britain First for the last year or so.

Telegram is completely committed to freedom of speech and their CEO has already stated publicly in the last few days that he will never submit to ultimatums or threats from Big Tech.

Telegram is where our supporters stay in touch with the latest videos, events and activities as well as round the clock news updates.

The time has come to move on from Facebook, Twitter and the rest, it is time to embrace free speech alternatives such as Telegram, where millions of patriots are flocking to as you read this thanks to Big Tech censorship!

What is happening right now is truly historic and – regardless of how you may feel right now – it is a turning point in the history of the Western world.

Please don’t sit on your hands any longer, follow the simple instructions below and join us on Telegram without delay.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Download the Telegram app from below:

2. Once you have set up an account, please visit the Britain First channel and hit the join button

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First Please follow Britain First on Telegram, the only free speech social network and messenger:

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  1. Øhhh.. download på AppStore og GooglePlay?? Mon ikke det er et spørgsmål om tid, før alle de store lukker ned for alle alternative nyhedskilder? Man skal have en alternativ ejer-platform, så alle de kendte monopoler kan ødelægges. Og det skal ske nu!

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