Britisk Løgnepresse er i oprør over Britain Firsts aktion ved Den Engelske Kanal

Our migrant patrols have really sent the press into a frenzy!

Today, we are front page of the Metro nationwide (below):

Our campaign has been covered by the Mirror, the Daily Mail, Kent Live, Kent Online, the Southend Echo and more are in the pipeline:

The best thing about this media frenzy, is that the comments on all the website stories and social media, are 95% supportive of Britain First.

The media is desperately trying to smear us – like when they describe party leader Paul Golding as a ‘convicted criminal’ – but the public are overwhelmingly in support of our campaign. 

As you read this, preparations are being made by HQ to accelerate and escalate this campaign.

Britain First is already being condemned by pro-immigration charities, trade unions and politicians.

But who cares what they think, or say?

This is our country and these migrant crossings are breaking the law by trying to enter our country illegally

Can you help us to power this campaign?

We desperately need a large injection of funds to purchase night-vision binoculars, torches, camping chairs and other vital equipment. 

Will you help us defeat this migrant invasion of our shores?

Will you help us expose this insidious invasion of our beaches?

Don’t delay, contribute what you can right now, we are depending on you:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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