Britiske parlamentsmedlemmer og en minister fordømmer Britain First for at offentliggøre sandheden

As leader of this movement, I just love reading headlines like that published today by ‘Coventry Live’:

‘Government minister condemns unacceptable far-right protests in Coventry’.

Yes, Britain First and our campaign to expose migrant hotels has been condemned by MPs in the House of Commons!

A government minister has also condemned the actions of Britain First.

They would rather the migrant hotel scandal be kept quiet so British taxpayers are kept in the dark. 

I’m sorry, but not on our watch!

We will continue bringing the truth to the attention of the British people, end of. 

Britain First is having massive success blowing the lid off multiple scandals, but we need your help to keep up the pressure Jon.

Now we have the government on the ropes, we want to increase the pressure, not slow down our pace of operations!

Our activists are brave, heroic and staunch patriots who love our people so much they are willing to stand up in public as frontline street activists.

I am frantically trying to raise the necessary funds to purchase them their own minibus, so they can all be together in a single vehicle (like below) when going out to expose things like migrant hotels, Sharia Courts and so on:

This would make a huge difference for them when we are out on activities. 

The alternative is travelling around during activities in a chaotic convoy of multiple small cars, a scenario that would naturally end in disaster.

Believe me when I say, we want to increase and accelerate the pace of our activities and operations.

We need your personal help to reach our target.

I really need you, to chip in to help us make this exciting project a reality:

Target: £11,000
Recommended: Chip in £5

I can assure you, that if you chip in with a tenner – or even a fiver – it will make a colossal difference. 

Will you show your appreciation of our fearless front-line activists by chipping in with a small contribution?

Are our activists – and their heroic exploits – worth a fiver to you?

If so, please click below.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First Please find us on social media below:

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