Britiske skoler hjernevasker eleverne med sexuelle afvigelser mod forældrenes vilje – hvor er Red Barnet og andre organisationer?

LGBT Agenda Brainwashing Kids in School
We are writing to you about the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) coming to primary schools later this year. Serious issues have already arisen where schools have been teaching RSE early. For example, one parent was told by a teacher in a Birmingham school that it was “none of her business” what the school taught her child.
Schools have been known to act unlawfully and push a problematic ideological agenda. The Educate and Celebrate programme is not neutral but aims to “smash heteronormativity” and the No Outsiders programme that has attracted so much media attention is based on “Queering the primary classroom”.
Some Head Teachers have refused to listen to parents’ concerns. In Heavers Farm Primary in Croydon children were expected to participate in LGBT Pride celebrations against parents’ wishes.
Even Local Authorities have caused problems. Warwickshire County Council has recommended schools use the All About Me programme which encourages masturbation for Infants children. It took the threat of legal action to make the council withdraw its recommendation of the programme.
Coming out of COVID-19 lockdown, it’s unlikely that schools will be back full-time until September at the earliest. Even though every school must consult with parents on RSE policy and samples of materials should be made available for inspection, the law requires that RSE be taught from September this year.
It is imperative, then, that parents take the initiative and, as a matter of urgency, ask when policy consultation will occur at their school, so the RSE curriculum can be developed with their input.
If you are a primary school parent or carer, We are asking you to please email your Headteacher, asking when your school will be engaging with parents on RSE policy. At the consultation, you can as questions, look at samples of teaching materials and make sure you consider them appropriate for your child. If you aren’t a parent or carer, please forward this request on to anyone you know who is.
Time is short. Action by parents will make all the difference.
Let us know how you get on!
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and spread the word!
On our web page we have downloadable files to help you. There is a downloadable email template that you can use and a downloadable file explaining your legal rights as a parent. CLICK HERE to view and download

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  1. De engelske rødnazister og feminister er en samling skøre radikale marxister der fortsætter hvor nazisterne og fascisterne slap. Bemærk at det radikale parti, enhedslisten og alternativet i Danmark er samme slags perverse krapyl.

  2. Den Brittiske skole har læst Koranen, og er dermed blevet Sexfikseret.

    Børn ser alting:

    En stor fed neger sidder og ornanerer i bussen med store grove bevæg-
    elser. Der kommer en mor forbi med sin lille datter, datteren ud-
    bryder: Se mor, det sorte svin har stjålet den lange sorte dims, du
    havde hjemme i din skuffe.

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