Censuren mod de forkerte meninger på sociale medier tager til – Løgnepressen er medskyldig i angrebet på ytringsfriheden – de tier

The situation with social networks is becoming very serious indeed!

It is not just Britain First that has been mercilessly targeted.

Yesterday, the famous ‘Infowars’ organisation was banned from Facebook, YouTube and several other platforms, losing close to 5 million followers.

Then, funny man Liam Tuffs – who was previously banned on Facebook, losing some 1.6 million followers – was banned on Twitter.

Australian Jewish patriot Avi Yemini was last week banned from Facebook, losing nearly 200,000 followers.

Then this morning, Tommy Robinson was banned on Instagram and now fears that his Facebook will shortly be taken down!

Britain First was the first to be silenced, but we are fighting back!

This barrage of bans and closures is being coined the ‘Great Purge’ across social media.

The good news is that our evidence against Facebook – running into hundreds of screenshots – has now been compiled and is ready to be submitted to a court in Belfast.

Our solicitors are preparing the application in the background to start proceedings against Facebook. 

We will initiate proceedings over the next few days.

Once that happens, we expect Facebook to finally take us seriously when we say we want our pages back!

At that moment, Facebook will realise this is a serious situation and they will shortly be in court to explain their fascist political discrimination against Britain First.

When we win this case, it will send shockwaves all around the world. 

Britain First will be the first organisation to defeat facebook in the courts, forcing them to abandon their campaign of suppression against our movement.

Once we defeat Facebook, we will use this ‘precedent’ against Twitter, YouTube, PayPal and many others!

For now, please chip into our ‘Facebook Freedom Fund’ so we can power this ‘life or death’ struggle against Facebook.

This is not just Britain First’s right to freedom of speech on the line, but the entire patriotic, Christian, counter-jihad movement across the entire Western world!

Target: £15,000
Raised so far: £4,469
Recommended: Chip in £15

Every penny counts, please chip in here:


Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


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