Church of England beskylder regeringen for at favorisere muslimer

THE Church of England has accused the government of deliberately favouring Muslims in a drive to encourage inter-faith relations.

In a confidential document, the Church claims the government’s attempts to integrate minority faiths have backfired, leaving Britain “more separated than ever before”.

Written by Guy Wilkinson, inter-faith adviser to Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, the report claims the Church has been “sidelined” and “preferential” treatment given to the Muslim community. Entitled Cohesion and Integration – A Briefing Note for the House (of Bishops), it lists a number of government initiatives since the London bombings, such as shelving legislation on forced marriage.

Læs mere på Manchester Evening News

Hvornår får vi nogle danske præster på banen, udover Langballe og Krarup, der taler lige ud af posen?

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