Citater: Göran Perssons hyllningsord till Kim Jong Il

“In May 2001 a top-level delegation of the European Union visited the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). At that time the leader (Kim Jong Il) met the delegation and talked with them candidly. Fascinated by his personality, Goran Person, who was then the President of the European Council and Prime Minister of Sweden, extolled him, calling him a well-read, qualified leader, an open-minded and unceremonious man, a faultless leader who is well versed in everything and endowed with the best possible qualities, and the most admirable of all the leaders he had so far met.”

Svenska Dagbladet

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  1. Lanken fungerade inte. Finns artikeln sparad pa annan plats, den vore mycket intressant att se? Persson har bevisat ganga pa gang att han inte ar kapablel som politiker, partiledare, eller annat yrke.

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