Den britiske stat fortsætter sin chikane mod Tommy Robinson – han skal i retten igen i morgen

Tommy Robinson is on trial again tomorrow.

This time it’s in his home town of Luton. And they’re trying to ban him from all football games in the UK.

It’s absurd.
It’s a nuisance suit designed to wear Tommy out personally and financially.
It’s just the latest in a never-ending stream of abuse of process by the establishment.
A few months ago, Tommy was on holiday in Portugal with his wife and he went to a football match there. A man recognized Tommy and came up to him twice, verbally abusing Tommy and his wife so badly that Tommy sent his wife away from the scene, and warned the man to stay away.
When the man abused Tommy a third time, Tommy knocked him down. No charges were laid.
The man was abusive and threatening; I don’t think a cop or a judge in the world would care. They certainly didn’t in Portugal.
But the UK authorities saw this as a way to apply to ban Tommy from all UK games.
So — no charges, no crime, just an abusive drunk harassing Tommy, the last 30 seconds of which were caught on tape — and so another nuisance suit was filed against Tommy. This goes to court tomorrow. 
I talked to Tommy yesterday and he wants me there to report on the case. 
Obviously — the mainstream media literally make things up about his trials if there’s no-one else to report the truth.
Tomorrow’s hearing isn’t the main event — it’s a preliminary legal skirmish. But I want to be there, and I’ll produce videos from the courthouse and I’ll live-tweet the hearing.
Last time I live-tweeted a Tommy trial, it got about 5 million views on Twitter, so obviously there’s a pent-up demand for the truth about Tommy.
Nobody trusts the BBC or the rest of the UK “Media Party”.
I’m just flying in for the day, so I don’t need a hotel. But my plane ticket, plus taxi fare back and forth to Luton will be about $1,700 Canadian, or just under £1,000.
I’d appreciate it if you could chip in £5 or $10 — just click here, or go to
I’ve made almost a dozen trips like this, including a few to visit Tommy in prison. And every time I wonder: is it worth it? Does anyone care? And every time I am reminded: yes, people do care. People care about Tommy, but they also care about the state of freedom in the United Kingdom. And people on my side of the Atlantic care, because we want a window into the future of what life will be like here in Canada or the United States if we let our freedoms slip away as they have over there.
So if you can help, please go to and chip in a few quid. I’ll post all of my videos there, and of course, you can read my tweets as fast as I type them from the court tomorrow.
Thank you. Yours truly, Ezra Levant
P.S. If you’ve read Tommy’s autobiography, “Enemy of the State”, you’ll recognize these police tactics. They use any possible excuse to harass Tommy.
I just think it’s important that the truth gets out there — and you know we can’t trust the BBC to tell it.
Please help me get to court if you can — thanks. I’ll post my updates at
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