Den britiske valgkommission blokerer ulovligt for at Britain First kan opstille som politisk parti

The news that we are launching legal proceedings against the Electoral Commission has hit them like a freight train!

Already, behind-the-scenes the Electoral Commission is using more delaying tactics to stop us getting hold of vital information we need to proceed with the case. 

They are trying to send all requests for information through a long and drawn out ‘Freedom of Information Act’ process.

We have told them to get stuffed, we need the information immediately

The Electoral Commission is obviously reeling under the pressure as they been losing multiple high-profile court cases lately to Leave campaigners. 

Now they have to confront the reality that Britain First is preparing to take them to the cleaners. 

They have obstructed our political ambitions for the last two and a half years and rejected eight applications to register as a political party. 

Now it is payback time against these socialist pigs!

This gaggle of politically-correct leftist Remainers are not to obstruct our party from standing in elections. 

They have no legal right to continually block certain movements from registering as political parties.

Imagine living in a so-called democracy where only certain points of view were allowed to register as political parties?

That’s how serious this situation is. 

The entire future of our movement depends on us getting re-registered as a political party. 

Therefore, this is our number one priority going forward!

The Electoral Commission know this too, which is why they are blocking us.

We have no alternative now other than legal action.

What I need to know today, is whether you are with me in this fight?

This is a titanic battle that we must, and can, win.

Launching full scale proceedings against the Electoral Commission may even get them to reverse their obstruction before it gets to court.

But at this precise moment, we need your help.

Please chip in just £10 to help me power this unavoidable legal action forward. 

Whatever you can afford, please send whatever you can immediately.

I am depending on you:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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