Den kinesiske hær er indblandet i forskning i Wuhanvirus

Red Army lab involved in COVID-19 genetic sequencing a ‘clear conflict of interest’

Sky News host Sharri Markson says it is a “clear conflict of interest” for the laboratory which conducted the genetic sequencing and virus isolation for COVID-19 was in fact a Chinese People’s Liberation Army lab.

Ms Markson revealed in an article for the Daily Telegraph that a scientific paper on the origins of the coronavirus and how it was transmitted from animals to humans was based on findings from genetic testing lab with ties to the Red Army.

The paper also thanked a board member from the Wuhan Institute of Virology who holds the rank of Colonel in the People’s Liberation Army.

It becomes problematic, according to Ms Markson, when “you’re not disclosing that you’re using genetic sequencing and virus isolation that’s been prepared by a PLA lab”.

Ms Markson told Sky News host Paul Murray this revelation was an example of a “clear conflict of interest that could potentially compromise the study”.

“It’s into the origins of the coronavirus, we need this to be independent”.

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